Gary Oldman to Athletes: Stop F&^%$#@ Acting!

Have you heard of actors against athletes? It’s nothing that actually exists, but I’m pretty sure some actors do feel less than happy about seeing athletes, NBA stars, models and such “stealing” some of their jobs and roles. Gary Oldman appeared in on Jimmy Kimmel to give a hilarious depiction of what such a spokesman for such an organization might sound like.

It all comes down to Shaq, I guess. But it’s not just athletes. Rappers feeling too bored with the music industry branch out into film. It rarely comes out too well in terms of artistic and critical success. Box office? That doesn’t show a person can act or is any good as an actor, although some, on rare occasions, like Eminem on ‘8 mile’ or Ray Allen in ‘He got game’.

Oldman himself is one of my favorite actors. Ever since ‘Leon / The professional’ which had me wowed at two scenes – The pill taking scene and the Everyone scene. Lately, he’s probably more recognized for his portrayal of Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies or Commissioner James Gordon in the Dark Knight trilogy. He’s still waiting for that Oscar, getting his first nomination for Best Actor for last year’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

He’s scary and convincing, as always, in his portrayal of himself getting pissed off about actors doing a terrible job at his own profession.