Gaspar Iñíguez Tries to Tackle With His Head

In what might become a worrying trend someday, Gaspar Iñíguez decided he’ll try to start tacking with his head instead of his feet, resulting in three broken teeth, as the Argentinos Juniors failed with his new method trying to stop Cristian Erbes of Boca Juniors.

Iñíguez isn’t the first player to go head first to the grass, but players have usually used this tactic when blocking shots. They don’t actually expect to block the shot with their head, instead hoping to deter a player from shooting when they see a player’s head sitting in front of them.

But Iñíguez did something different. He simply dived head first into an opposing player, which resulted in getting three of his teeth broken. Even though he was the one who got the short end of the stick in the incident, he was also the one called for the foul and booked, correctly.

Iñiguez passará por cirurgia nesta segunda-feira