Georgi Kirilov Georgiev With an Awful Injury at the European Athletics Championships

Injuries, in any sport, don’t get much worse than what happened to Bulgarian track runner Georgi Kirilov Georgiev at the European Athletics Championships in Helsinki.

In one of the Heats to the 100 meter race, Georgiev suddenly started separating from the rest of the pack by starting to limp, in what seems like a torn ligament, before crashing completely in his attempt to finish the sprint instead of slowing down or stopping completely. Just before the finish line he took a nasty tumble.

The result? A dislocated knee, making for quite a gruesome sight for those in the stadium and watching at home. The severity of the injury tends to differ, and usually has a lot to do with just how healthy the person is and if this is something of a recurring injury (the ligaments thing) for him. After reconstructive surgery, maybe, he’ll be able to race again.

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