Gerald Green – Another Best Dunk of the Season

It’s been mostly a successful second tenure for Gerald Green in the NBA after a couple of seasons in Europe and Chine, first with the Nets and now with the Indiana Pacers. Although his personal numbers haven’t been too impressive this season, his dunking, and especially his incredible dunk against the Utah Jazz, have been impressive as ever.

In an easy win over the Utah Jazz (104-84), with the game practically over in the fourth, Gerald Green took off, seeing the paint pretty much clear of big bodies. How high? He nearly took his head off after finishing at the rim, for probably the most explosive dunk of the season in the NBA.

Green led the Indiana Pacers with 21 points, a season high for him. He’s averaging 7.5 points per game while shooting only 37.8% from the field coming off the bench for the improving Pacers, having only his fourth double figures scoring night of the season. The Pacers had two more players with 20 points – Paul George and George Hill, as they improved to a 14-12 record.