Giants “Fan” Doesn’t Know Mark Sanchez Plays for Jets

Not everyone is a football fan, and not everyone watches the Super Bowl, despite the overall agreement of it being an American holiday. Not everyone in New York is a Giants fan, and not everyone saying they’re Giants fans actually know what they’re talking about. Some people just like to join the celebration and the parades.

Now this video of the lovely looking lady calling for Mark Sanchez can be a staple for girls and their unnatural connection to sports. Mark Sanchez is easy on the eyes, and maybe that girl just prefers to see him than any other New York Giants’ players, Super Bowl ring or not.

Maybe blood isn’t streaming well to her head because she’s holding someone on her shoulders. Call me sexist, but girls shouldn’t be carrying girlfriends on their backs. They have guys to take advantage of for that. Especially when they’re hot, like these two.

But her FAIL is epic, and the stunned looks, or smirks, with everyone thinking “WTF?!” around her while she screams out Sanchez and doesn’t understand why she isn’t getting the response she was hoping for from the fans around her make it even more endearing, and funny, to watch.

Bandwagon fans, people just looking for a reason to celebrate, or a poster-girl for women and their lack of knowledge in sports and the NFL, this is your new idol.