Goal Line Technology – Everton & Victor Anichebe get Robbed

Once again, the need for goal line technology and not just human eyes of referees and linesmen was proven, this time at Goodison Park. Everton failed to beat Newcastle (2-2), having two perfectly fine goals, one by Marouane Fellaini (for an offside that wasn’t there), the other by Victor Anichebe (ball did cross the line), disallowed or simply go unnoticed.

An epidemic? Nope, but the list of mistakes keeps piling up, and are costing teams precious points. When it happens twice in one match, both because the linesman “helped” the referee into the wrong decision, it’s a bit too much to stomach, especially if you’re an Everton fan or employee. If you’re from Newcastle? I guess this was a happy occasion.

Demba Ba was there twice for the visiting Magpies, once in the 49th minute just after coming off the bench for Sylvain Marveaux, making it 1-1; and then again just before the final whistle, cancelling Anichebe’s goal that did stand. Leighton Baines was the one who opened the scoring for Everton, who were the much better side throughout the entire affair, getting on the score-sheet after 15 minutes.

With the draw, Everton move up to 7th place with 7 points after the first four matches. Newcastle, who haven’t won since opening day, moved up to 11th place with 5 points. Michael Jones is the referee who will have to live with his mistakes this time around.