Golden State Warriors – From Sleeve Jersey to Blouses?

A lot of people were surprised by the new look the Golden State Warriors decided to use a short-sleeved jersey, and the criticism was pretty quick to follow. Just as people were surprised by the Warriors’ success this season under Mark Jackson, maybe this new theme by Adidas is more than just a flavor of the week in NBA fashion.

According to the brilliant BounceBounceBounce blog by J.O. Applegate, this is some sort of evolution, or devolution, in NBA-wear, with the next step being blouses. You know, like pirates or something similar, from back in the 17th century or whatever.

The opinions on the matter are quite split. Doc Rivers, head coach of the Boston Celtics, misses playing in these jerseys from his high school basketball days. Harrison Barnes of the Warriors seems to be pretty happy about it, although he might not have a choice because of the team he plays for.

When adidas began working with us to develop the short sleeve jersey, I couldn’t wait to wear it in a game. I love the fit and style the sleeves give me on the court.

Other players around the league haven’t been as enthusiastic. Stephen Curry said that the San Antonio Spurs’ players were laughing at them when they presented them for the first time. And then the Warriors went on to win 107-101, ending a 16-game losing streak against San Antonio dating back to Jan. 7, 2008. Mark Jackson said that people are going to need and get used to seeing these beautiful jerseys more and more.

Art source: bouncex3