Golden State Warriors – Stephen Curry Has a Very Happy Birthday

Stephen Curry

The combination of playing on his birthday and facing the awful New York Knicks made it a very easy and happy game for Stephen Curry, leading the Golden State Warriors to a 125-94 victory over the worst team in the NBA.

Curry scored 25 points on his 27th birthday, finishing with a double double, dishing out 11 assists. Klay Thompson led the Warriors with 27 points, as the Warriors had plenty of garbage time allowing them to rest their starters, heading into the fourth quarter with a 38-point lead.

A win over the Knicks teaches us nothing. The most important thing to take from this game was watching the head coaches on the sidelines. Steve Kerr, the first man offered the job in New York to work under Phil Jackson. He knew there was a better offer waiting for him in the Bay Area and made the unbelievably easy decision of stepping away from an organization that is known for being run in a dysfunctional way by James Dolan, instead choosing the team with the title hopes and upgrading it.

Maybe things will be different eventually under Phil Jackson, but for now, it looks like a mess. The Knicks are clearing the slate and have shut down Carmelo Anthony for the rest of the season. Derek Fisher bought into the bait Jackson left him, and has to go through his rookie season as a head coach getting hit left and right with losses while coaching a lot of players who don’t belong in this league, rather looking more like D-League potential or maybe just guys who should try their luck overseas.

But the Knicks problems are known and getting tiresome. Blown out by the Warriors is nothing new to both sides of this deal. Curry put in another performance that might help him win the MVP, although stats against the Knicks shouldn’t count in the final tally of the votes. It’ll be his performances against more formidable opponents that will give us a hint on whether or not he’ll be picking up this award this season, and winning something even more important a few months from now.

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