Golden Tate & Seattle Seahawks Cheat Their Way to Victory

Golden Tate should have been called for pass interference, while M.D. Jennings should have been awarded the interceptions. Instead, Russell Wilson pulled off a hail mary pass to the Seattle Seahawks receiver, scoring a touchdown on the last play of the game to give them an undeserved 14-12 win over the Green Bay Packers.

The NFL replacement referee issue hit a new low, as they officially decided the outcome of a game by miscalling the last play. It began a bit earlier, when a pass interference was called on Sam Shields, despite it being the opposite decision. It should have been called on Sidney Rice, giving the Seahawks a huge break on a day in which their defense was the only thing actually working.

Pass intereferences aren’t usually called on hail mary plays, but Shields was pushed so blatantly by Tate that it was hard to ignore. But that would have been OK to miss. Jennings wound up with the ball, landed on Tate who was already on the ground, and still clutched it to his chest as Tate put his arms around the ball. Clearly an interception; clearly a game ending touchback, sending the Packers back to Green Bay with a Monday Night Football win.

And a different view. No question. Jennings made the interception.

No. One referee called touchdown, the other called no good. A review, which should have made it clear that this was no score. Somehow, this was made into a touchdown. The Packers didn’t even stay for the extra points. No one did, in a game that has left the worst taste in anyone’s mouth this season.

It’s easy to blame the replacement referees. They’re the ones making the mistakes, the bad calls. The league? It doesn’t seem to care. The interest in their product isn’t going away. In fact it may be getting more interesting, although that’s a dangerous game to play. By saving money in their dispute with the officials, the NFL are making a mockery of the game, the players, coaches and fans.

American football shouldn’t be decided by bad referee calls. It should be decided on the field by the players, and wrong calls usually get corrected. Fairness and justice are a part of the sport, and always should be. In the current situation, they’re being left back so the league saves money, while the guys trying to do a job they’re clearly not qualified for are making matters look even worse.