Good for Manning & Broncos, Bad for Tebow & the Team That Signs Him

Peyton Manning was simply the better, needless to say obvious choice. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, despite his multiple surgeries, is something you go for, despite the cost, when the other option is Tim Tebow. John Elway never really caught on to Tebowing and the fan craze around the unconventional quarterback, and made the right decision.

It’s not about liking Tebow or not. It’s about having the option to have Peyton Manning. Even if Manning isn’t exactly his old self and never will be, it’s better than having a quarterback that buries you for three quarters and may or may not save you in the final quarter through plays that give you a heart attack. As last season proves, it can work, to a limit.

Tebow was immensely popular, partially for reasons that have nothing to do with football. His off-the-field actions and stands are also questionable, but that should have nothing to do with the decision, which simply relied on the fact that the Denver Broncos will be a better team without Tim Tebow. Peyton Manning, at an optimistic evaluation, upgrades them from barely a playoff team into the clear favorites in the AFC West and maybe, to a smaller degree, the AFC itself.

Why did Manning go for Devner, especially after it looked like the Titans became his weekend favorite? Despite playing his College Ball at Tennessee, despite his house in Tennessee, the Broncos provided the best option for a Super Bowl run. Having John Elway as the man calling the shots helps as well.

Does Manning see Elway as an example for himself? A quarterback that found glory in his final years after missing out on it during the best of ’em? Peyton does have a Super Bowl ring, but there have been plenty, too many misses in his career, while Eli Manning has two title rings on his fingers after beating the New England Patriots in two Super bowls.

Where does Tim Tebow go from here? Too soon to tell, although Miami are craving for a quarterback. Alex Smith will probably stay in the Bay area after everything, and signing David Garrard doesn’t close any doors. Still, Tebow doesn’t seem like a right fit on a team looking for a pocket passer. Another Florida team, the Jaguars, might make use of Tebow, financially being the top reason, finally selling some tickets. The Eagles actually have a system the fits his skills.

Manning hasn’t signed the contract yet, but it looks like a done deal, and the man we’re so used to seeing in white and blue for the Colts will begin what might be the final chapter of his illustrious NFL career. Tim Tebow, barely at the beginning of his, looks towards a much more murkier future, with an unknown destination waiting at the next stop.