Who Looks Sadder – Avram Grant or Harry Redknapp?

The Tottenham – West Ham London derby eariler today, despite ending in a 0-0 draw that helped neither Tottenham in their Champions League aspirations or West Ham in their attempt to avoid relegation gave us a chance to see two of the gloomier looking managers around, Harry Redknapp and Avram Grant. Redknapp actually seems like a nice person, but his facial features just make him look like Droopy. You can’t help but think of that annoying hound when looking at the Tottenham manager.

As for Grant, there’s something sinister about him. Would make a great villain on a movie. He rarely smiles (despite the fact there have been plenty of reasons in the past few weeks), and even when does, just looks like there’s something evil lurking behind. Something a bit reminiscent of the emperor from Star Wars.

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