Greatest Euro Moments in Lego

Using Lego to recreate magic and memorable moments in any sport is always a good idea. It’s executed brilliantly again while showing England’s failures through years when playing in the Euro, Michel Platini’s incredible 1984 tournament and Greece stunning everyone in 2004.

1984 – Michel Platini scores nine goals in while leading France to their first major title, which included the classic 3-2 win over Portugal in Marseille, as Platini scored the winning goal in the final minute of extra time.

1988 – Being a a British production, the video focuses mostly on England’s failures over the years. In the 1988 tournament, England lost all three group stage matches, including the painful 0-1 defeat against Ireland through Ray Houghton’s goal.

1992 – England didn’t do much better four years later in Sweden, failing to win a group stage match again. They lost the crucial third game to Sweden despite taking an early lead, as Tomas Brolin scored the winner and introduced the world to his famous celebration.

1996 – In 1996, the theory of England needing to host a tournament proved correct, reaching the Semi Final and showing some neat quality in the group stage, which included a win over Scotland and Paul Gascogine’s famous goal.

2000 – France become the second team to win a tournament via a golden goal, as David Trezeguet scored the winner in the 2-1 win over Italy in the final, with France completing their World Cup double.

2004 – The worst tournament ever? A harsh decree. Greece weren’t popular winners, but Portugal, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic provided some fine moments during the three weeks.

2008 – The tournament that brought back the faith in attractive, attacking, positive football, with Spain finally winning a big tournament after a 44 year wait.