Greatest Goalkeeper Goals Ever

Tim Howard’s incredible goal for Everton this week in their 2-1 loss against Bolton has bested anything else that happened in the Premier League, be it a slippin’ Manchester United or a conquering Manchester City. Goalkeepers hardly score goals, especially not as incredible like this one.

The wind did have a lot to with this one, but Howard played his part. His goal aligns him with Chilavert, Rogerio Ceni, Higuita and Pat Jennings with the greatest goals scored by goalkeepers in the history of the game.

Tim Howard, Everton

Jose Luis Chilavert, Velez

Probably Paraguay’s most famous soccer player of all time, Chilavert was more than just a goalscoring keeper. He played in two World Cups for the side, retiring with a record 8 international goals for a keeper. His best effort came in an Argentina league match, facing River Plate, scoring from his own half.

Rene Higuita, Atletico Nacional

Higuita is remembered for a lot of things, but goalscoring usually doesn’t come first on the list. His weird save, his terrible mistake against Cameroon in the World Cup. Apparently, playing against River Plate brings out the best of scoring keepers, with Higuita scoring this beautiful free kick in the Copa Libertadores in 1995.

Rogerio Ceni, Sao Paulo

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The best free kick taker of all time among goalkeepers and probably one of the best among all players is Brazilian keeper Rogerio Ceni. He’s been with Sao Paulo from day 1, since 1992, still playing for the club, playing 1007 matches so far, scoring a record (for a keeper) 103 goals. His 100th goal, coming this campaign against Corinthians, was probably his finest free kick.


Maybe the greatest keeper goal of all time. Usually goalkeepers score free kicks, long balls that get a bit of help from the wind or going up for the header in times of need. No this one. Unrecognizable, although the commentator says Stanley Menzo and French Guyana, although we know it’s not Menzo. An incredible full pitch dribble that ends with a powerful shot to the net. Almost surreal.

Pat Jennings, Tottenham

Legenday Tottenham keeper Pat Jennings scored a very similar goal to Tim Howard’s, just over 40 years earlier, against Manchester United, with terrible quality.

David Bingham, San Jose Earthqukes

Another one who embarrassed his colleague from the opposition, Bingham became a one hit wonder (it seems so far) with his incredible goal in a friendly match against WBA.