Griffin vs Luck – Week 2 Reversal

The numbers this week? Very similar, with Andrew Luck throwing a bit better than Robert Griffin III, and more importantly, getting his first career victory in the NFL thanks to Adam Vinatieri hitting a field goal from 53 yards with 8 second left, while the Redskins lost in St. Louis to the Rams.

Luck got to be the driving force behind a 45 yard drive in 23 second that gave the Colts the opportunity to win their first game of the season. Luck threw for 224 yards and two touchdown passes, one to Dwyane Allen and the other to Reggie Wayne, finishing with a 107.1 quarterback rating. Not playing the Chicago Bears secondary was quite pleasing.

Luck, who struggled in week 1 against the Bears four man rush did exceptionally well against the Vikings, completing 15 of his 20 passes in that situation, including the two touchdown passes. Daring a rookie quarterback to beat you with his arm is a good idea, as long as you have the players to deal with it.

The Vikings really shot themselves in the foot with their penalties, mounting up to losing 105 yards on their 11 infractions, but Luck was impressive, not matter the circumstances, especially in the final second. He completed a 20 yard pass to Donnie Avery. He then threw a 20 yard pass to Reggie Wayne, and then got the Vikings to jump offside, giving Vinatieri the chance to win the game with 8 second on the clock, impressing the veteran receiver – The kid’s got poise. He’s got some winning in the blood.

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Robert Griffin III was caught in a different kind of game in St. Louis. A very aggressive, hard hitting, with Griffin getting hit four times (sacked once) in the pocket and taking a few more bruises during his runs. He was very effective on the run, going for 82 yards and two touchdowns on 11 carries, while his passing has seen better days, throwing for 206 yards, a touchdown and an interception. The Rams’ defense simply put too much pressure on his offensive line, and he had to scramble quite a bit.

Still, despite the disappointing outcome (28-31), Griffin continued recording some impressive milestones. He is the first Redskins quarterback to pass for a touchdown and run for two more since Mary Rypien in 1992. He is the first Redskins quarterback to run for 82 yards since Harry Gilmer in 1952. Griffin, unlike Luck, doesn’t have anything recent to live up to. He’s in pretty much his own territory when it comes to the franchise.

He hit another long touchdown pass, this time for 68 yards, this time to Leonard Hankerson. Last week it was 88 yards to Pierre Garcon. The last player with a 60+ yard TD pass in each of his first two career NFL games was Ed Rubbert in 1987.

So both are 1-1 after their first two games. Andrew Luck is 43-76 (56.6%) with 533 yards, 3 touchdown passes and 3 interceptions. His QBR is 81.9. He’s also run for 30 yards on six carries. Griffin is 39-55 (70.9%) with 526 yards, 3 touchdown passes and 1 interception. His QBR is 83.2, adding 124 yards and two touchdowns with his feet on 20 carries.

Advantage? Still RGIII, although he looked much more rookie-like in the game against the Rams, his second road game to start off his NFL career.

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