Guardiola and Barcelona Learn Bad Habits From Jose Mourinho


Remember this? Jose Mourinho told two of his players to waste time while leading 4-0 against Ajax so they can pick up the extra yellow cards they “needed” to not miss the first knockout stage match against Lyon. The criticism (including from us) was wide and harsh, a common thing anytmie Mourinho steps out of line. Eventually, he got a one match touchline ban, a fine while Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso got fined as well.

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Real Madrid lost yesterday to Sportig Gijon at the Bernabeu. His first home defeat in over nine years. Some say it was witchcraft that had to do with Shakira, who had her music banned at the Bernabeu after declaring that Gerard Pique is now her man. It was probably just another case of a bad night from Real, plus bad refereeing plus an unfair schedule. That’s what Mourinho usually likes to say. Maybe the pressue has gotten to him too many times and hurt his match preparation. That’s what happens when you spend too much time looking at Barcelona and not your own team.

Saved Barcelona's & Pep's Ass at El Madrigal
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Again, I digressed to Mourinho bashing. This time it’s Pep and Barcelona who deserve it. Last night Barcelona won a very tough match against Villareal, with Pique scoring the winner (witchcraft?!), only his second league goal this season. Now Barca have an 8 point lead. The event we’re referring to happened during the closing moments of the match. Victor Valdes (saved Barcelona yesterday) and Sergio Busquets took a lenghty amount of time to get a goal kick on the way. One can say they were wasting time so Barcelona will come up with the hard earned victory on a tough ground.

A closer inspection, including Guardiola’s body langauge and singles, will tell you that the two were carrying yellow cards. Getting another one last night meant they’ll miss the next game but be ready for the El Clasico at the Bernabeu. A trick from the Mourinho bag. Barcelona are sometimes presented and precieved as the antithesis to Real Madrid – being pure and soley about playing attractive footy all time time. I guess this was a prime example of how you can learn a few from a team that’s inferior when it suits you. I hope that Barcelona and Guardiola get the same, if not a harsher, punishment that Mourinho received.

I also wonder if Shakira will show up for the match.

Witchy Woman
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