Has Andre Villas Boas Been Sacked Yet?

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A brilliant link I stumbled upon during my stumbleupon missions across the web – hasandrevillasboasbeensackedyet.com

A timer, reading just over 21 days at the moment, and an ominous Roman Abramovic in the background make this one a must check out page whenever Chelsea lose a game or the rumors start flying around. Just remember, Abramovic has been Chelsea’s owner since 2003. He has had six managers since he arrived, seven if you include Ray Wilkins as caretaker manager during a brief period in 2009. The only manager to avoid the axe so far has been Guus Hiddink, who was probably the first option this year after Ancelotti left.

Even Jose Mourinho, the man Villas-Boas worked under at Chelsea, the ‘special one’, couldn’t avoid the pink slip despite winning two consecutive league titles. So how soon will Villas-Boas join the likes of Mourinho, ‘Big Phil’, Avram Grant, Claudio Ranieri and Carlo Ancelotti? Or maybe we’ve got this entirely wrong, and Abramovich is a changed man? Probably not.