David Haye Ready to Perform Execution

Haye wouldn't shake hands with Klitschko
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One of the best things about boxing is the pre-match trash talk and hype. Because there’s a lot of time between fights, the build up, press junkets and the rest of media hyping goes on for quite a while and gives the boxers time to come up with new disses. David Haye has never been a shy guy, and wasn’t reserved with what he plans for Wladimir Klitschko on Saturday Night, July 2.

The current WBA Heavyweight champion is 26-1 (23 KO’s), winning his last fight over six months ago, easliy taking down Audley Harrison with a TKO in round 3. He has held the WBA title since 2007 after beating Jean-Marc Mormeck in Paris. The unification bout with Klitschko will take place in Hamburg, with Germany being sort of a base of operations for the Klitschko brothers for years now. That isn’t stopping Haye from feeling uber-confident towards the fight, as he usually looks before every bout.

You’re going to see the most brutal execution of a boxer, I will absolutley destroy him.” That wasn’t all Haye had for the IBO, IBF and WBO champion for over 5 years now, since beating Chris Byrd in Germany. He kept calling Klitschko a Robot, stuck in his rigid ways. Haye also had something for Wladimir’s older brother, Vitali – Don’t go with your brother to the hospital after the fight, you’re going to have to be there in the press conference after the fight.

The younger Klitschko brother made his own retributions, saying he will give Haye a ‘reality rehab’. He also said he respects Haye as a fighter, but not outside the ring and the way he trash talks – I’m giving you respect as a fighter, but I believe David Haye is not such a bad guy. He acts cocky, he carries himself very confident, very cool, and I believe since you beat Mormeck you got this attitude that is not so good for your life. I will knock you out into reality, which will be good for your life. You’re going to become a better person, a better man with better behaviours, and you’re going to be on time – to get up at the count of nine. You disgraced the 49 guys I have knocked out, saying they were b-u-m-s. You are going to be number 50, just out of respect to the other guys.

After the press conference, Haye didn’t look any less confident, saying he proved how unsettled and nervous the Klitschko camp looked. Wladimir Klitschko (55-3, 49 KOs) lost his last fight in 2004 against Lamon Brewster.