Albert Haynesworth Gets Traded to Patriots While Reggie Bush Joins Dolphins

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The wheelin’ and dealing in the NFL this week isn’t stopping, and probably won’t for the short time that teams have to make deals. The Washington Redskins have traded their troubled yet very expensive defensive tackle, Albert Haynesworth, to the New England Patriots, pending a medical of course. This is the second big profile move the Redskins have made after trading Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings for two late round draft picks.

Haynesworth was two years into his 100 million dollars deal with the Redskins (guaranteeing him more than 40 million dollars), but struggled to make an impression under the 3-4 system and constantly clashed with head coach Mike Shanahan. His off the field problems (road rage and more) were probably another reason for the Redskins to send him away. He is set to make 5 million dollars this year with the Patriots.

The Patriots hope that Haynesworth’s problems, starting from missing practices and doing everything possible to show he cleary doesn’t want to be in DC anymore, will change the way many troubled players change their ways when arriving to the North East under Belichick, like Randy Moss or Corey Dillon. The Patriots had to give up on a fifth round draft pick in 2013.

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Reggie Bush is also on the move, making his way to the AFC East as well. After 5 seasons with the New Orleans Saints which included one Super Bowl victory in 2010 over the Colts and gradually dropping numbers across the board and a 2010 season in which he missed half due to injury, the once College phenom is taking his talents to South Beach.

The Dolphins, coached by Tony Sparano, are in dire need for speed in their¬†back line, something that Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams couldn’t give them. Their plan is to use Bush as a back with 10-15 carries a game, something Bush agrees on. Rookie tailback Daniel Thomas out of Kansas State who ran for nearly 1600 yards and scored 19 touchdowns last year is prepped to be their go to guy.