31 Hot & Sexy Girls Taking a Perfect Selfie

What does this have to do with sports? Nothing. But not everything in the babes category (and often it isn’t) has to do with athletes or their wives/girlfriends. Showing the beauty of the selfie is part of the “job” as well.

A word that sprung up on us out of nowhere. People have been taking pictures of themselves since forever, but only recently the word “Selfie” became so prominent.

While not all of its uses are as good as these (sometimes people like to take really bad pictures of themselves and their friends), it’s mostly a blessed phenomenon, that the branding of it only made it more popular.

Not that we’re telling people what they should do with their smart phones, but the more pretty girls take pictures like these, the better.

Sexy Selfie Hot Selfie Selfie Boobs Selfie Batman duckface selfie Cute selfie Selfie pose Big boobs selfie Bed Selfie Topless selfie Beautiful selfie Casual Selfie Green Selfie Bra & Panties Selfie Mirror Selfie Cute smile selfie Happy Selfie Bathroom selfie Great Butt Selfie Tattoo Selfie Selfie 2.0 Cleavage Selfie Upwards Selfie Store Selfie Face Selfie Toilet Selfie Popping Out Selfie Selfie 3.0 Pac-Man Selfie Purple Selfie Take down Selfie

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