On a Roll – Hottest Players in the NBA Right Now

Who’s hot and who’s not? Well, lets stick with the guys who are playing well – The 6 best players in the NBA during the last few weeks.

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James

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Nothing surprising about seeing LeBron on this list, but still, the best player in the league is playing like he’s the best in the last couple of weeks and some. His numbers for his last seven games – 34.4 points per game, 8.2 rebounds and 7.6 assists. He was especially good the last two nights – scoring 41 points with 10 rebounds as the Cavs beat the Blazers at Portland and yesterday a 37 points-8 rebounds-11 assists-4 blocks extravaganza in another Western victory over the Warriors 117-114. Just ’cause it’s Lebron, there’s nothing special about these numbers.

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant

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Oklahoma since December 23: 8-2. Durant in this stretch? 32.7 points per game, including two 40 point performances in the wins over the Nets and the Pacers. Durant is currently 4th in the league in points (28.8) and probably won’t win MVP this season, but by the way he’s constantly improving, he’ll be part of the upper-echelon of players in this league. He might even get the Thunder into the playoffs this season.

Chris Bosh, Toronto Raptors

Chris Bosh

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Final season in Toronto? Either way, Bosh has been playing his socks off since late December, scoring 26.3 points and grabbing 12.1 rebounds in his last 8 games, six times posting a double double. The Raptors have cooled down a bit since 2010 started but they’re 6th in the Eastern conference with Bosh playing like the best PF in the league most of the time.

Brandon Roy, Portland Trailblazers

Brandon Roy

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Putting aside Roy’s 6 point game against the Clippers a week ago, he hasn’t scored less than 20 since November. Portland (6th in the west, 23-16) have been a bit shaky with their form, but Roy has been a solid go to guy the entire season, with 23.5 points per game. Last 8 games – 28.3 points, including 41 points in the win over the Nuggets, 37 in the win over the Warriors and 32 in the win over the Lakers. He hasn’t been getting much rest either, playing only 3 times under 40 minutes in the Blazers’ last 19 games.

Corey Maggette, Golden State Warriors

Cory Maggette

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Yes, “Bad Porn” is one of the best players in the league right now. He started the season coming off the bench, but hasn’t played less than 30 minutes since December 11. The great improvement about Maggette’s game this season has been his accuracy, shooting over 52% from the field, while he’s a 45% career shooter. Since December 13 Maggette has gone beneath 20 points only once, averaging 27.7 points in his last 6 games. The Warriors aren’t making the playoffs despite Maggette’s efforts, with a 11-25 record, with only Minnesota worst than them.

Antawn Jamison, Washington Wizards

Antawn Jamison

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Jamison missed the first few weeks of the season and suffered from a bad stretch during early December, but has been on a real tear since around Christmas, scoring 25.6 points and grabbing 8.4 rebounds in his last 9 games, leading the Wizards during this whole Arenas ordeal. At 33, Jamison doesn’t look like he’s slowing down, although he won’t be making the playoffs this season from the look of things.