Hottest College Football Cheerleaders (Bowl Game Edition)

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The College Football season is over. While for some it’s a sad day because they don’t get to see the actual sport for the next seven months, others are depressed because they don’t get to see specific cheerleaders for quite sometime.

The NFL is also hitting its closing stages, so that means it’s only about those in the NHL (not skimpy enough with the outfits) and the ones in the NBA, which isn’t a bad compensation.

So who stood out in the 2013-2014 season? Our favorites can be split into three: We thought the girls from Oregon, playing against Texas in the Alamo Bowl, should be crowned as the queens of the bowl season, if there’s such an award being handed out somewhere.

Second place goes to the girls from Oklahoma State who livened up things at the Cotton Bowl, even though the Cowboys lost to Missouri, making it a slightly depressing end to the season for them after also losing in what should have been their crowning conference game in Bedlam against Oklahoma.

Third place goes out to the girls from UCF, who did just as good of a job as the Knights on the field, surprising Baylor and pretty much everyone by winning the Fiesta Bowl, easily the biggest achievement in the history of the school’s football program.

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