Hottest Girls in American Flags & Bikinis

While there are always important stories regarding sports to cover around the world, giving some beautiful ladies there moment in the spotlight is very important, especially on the 4th of July, when America, Patriotism, the American flag and all things related are in the center of focus for all those in the United States.

The girl wearing the bikini doesn’t have to be American. Giselle, for example, is Brazilian, but she looks pretty good sporting the stars spangled banner on her body with an even more patriotic piece of art in the background.

All we card about putting this post together (which took ages to do the research, just so you know) is looking good, and looking patriotic, as these girls surely do.

American Flag Girl

Amrican Flag Girl

Gisele Patriotic

Gisele Patriotic II

Jessica Simpson

Sexy American Flag Shirt

Girl Next Door American Flag

American Flag & hot body

Girl American Flag

American Bra

Hot Girl & American Flag

Flag + Bikini

Patriotic Body

Patriotic Grill