Hottest NHL Cheerleaders & Ice Girls

Not everyone understands the fascination with hockey, and it’s one of the reasons the NHL has always struggled to capture the nationwide attention of an audience in the United States, especially for a lot of teams outside the snowy areas where the sports seems to make more sense. However, no one has ever complained or misunderstood hockey cheerleaders and ice girls.

Yes, even in a sport played on ice, which you would expect calls for less than minimal clothing, the respect the league has for women is so low that it has to entertain the hordes of fans that come to the arenas by shoving half naked girls, usually pretty hot, unlike the surface itself, to skate around and entertain the masses while gladiators aren’t beating each other senseless while chasing a puck.

Anaheim Ducks

Boston Bruins

Carolina Hurricanes

Chicago Blackhawks

Dallas Stars

Los Angeles Kings

New York Islanders

Philadelphia Flyers

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