Houston Texans – Cheap Shot on Jay Cutler for the Win

It was always going to be a rough, physical, defensive battle. Too bad the Houston Texans had to insure supremacy by delivering a violent cheap shot to the head of Jay Cutler, taking him out of the game thanks to a helmet to helmet hit by Tim Dobbins.

The Chicago Bears were never really up for the challenge, but it got a whole lot harder once Jason Campbell was on the field, doing a decent job with 94 yards on 11-19. At least he didn’t turn the ball over twice like Cutler, one of those interceptions coming later in the drive when he got hammered.

The Texans came out to prove they can win anywhere, against anyone, and damn the style and the criticism. There were only 215 total yards by the AFC leaders, as Matt Schaub was picked off twice but also added one touchdown. Most importantly, Arian Foster did just about enough to give the Texans some sort of an offensive edge, not to mention catching the only touchdown in the game, being the difference maker in the 13-6 win.

J.J. Watt was all over this one, although the Texans didn’t get a single sack during the game, while allowing the Bears one sack and 8 tackles for a loss. It wasn’t about being the better team. It was about doing just about enough on both ends of the field to come out with the win. The Bears couldn’t get a touchdown, and were closest when Brandon Marshall dropped a pass in the end zone. The rest was just field goal practice, with both Robbie Gould and Shayne Graham making two, while Gould also missed one.

I think we showed them we can win any game, any situation, any time, any place, tough weather conditions, tough place on the road, a very good football team. It shows we can win in any environment, in any situation. Our team prevailed and obviously a lot of perseverance. 

 That’s the bottom line. Anyone who doubted the Texans’ ability to win in a winter game against the best defense in the NFL. Nothing changed: The Bears still have a great defense, but not enough offense to take advantage of what the Urlacher crew gives them. The Texans are still the best in the AFC and now tied for best in the NFL with a 8-1 record.

If there’s person it’s possible to give the game ball to, it’s going to be Arian Foster, who made just about enough plays and including one big one with a diving 2 yard catch in the end zone late in the second quarter, scoring a touchdown for the 11th straight game. His streak is tied for the 2nd-longest since 2001 along with Marshawn Lynch from 2011 and Priest Holmes from 2002. The leader, with 18, is LaDainian Tomlinson who scored a touchdown in 18 consecutive games spanning the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

And for the Bears it’s only about hoping this isn’t a repeat of 2011. When Jay Cutler went down to a season ending injury, they were 7-3, well on their way towards the playoffs. The season ended at 8-8, no postseason to mention.