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San Francisco 49rs – Road to Super Bowl XLVII

Posted on 1 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

Early in the season, when Alex Smith was still playing, the San Francisco 49ers looked like the most complete team in the NFL and the favorites out of the NFC to reach the Super Bowl. A few months have passed, Colin Kaepernick took over the quarterback position, but nothing really changed: The 49ers came out as the best team in the NFC. More

Baltimore Ravens – Road to Super Bowl XLVII

Posted on 1 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

A team of destiny, the Baltimore Ravens were going to reach the Super Bowl either way, injuries, losses and what not. Any team that plays at the Philadelphia Eagles on the Eagles’ home opener makes and wins the Super Bowl. At least that’s what the past three seasons tell us, regardless of the road the Ravens took to reach the big game. More

Real Reason Why the New England Patriots Lost to the Baltimore Ravens

Posted on 22 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

Like with a lot of things that happen on the football field, some of them are decided way before the games even begin. The New England Patriots were favored to beat the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game, but being so bad against bird teams this season, there simply was no way they were going to make it to the Super Bowl. More

Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning is All About Execution

Posted on 10 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

What makes the Denver Broncos, finishing the season with a 13-3 record, and some would say the favorites in the AFC to reach the Super Bowl? Peyton Manning is the easy, and obvious answer. More

Green Bay Packers – The Most Injured Team in the NFL

Posted on 10 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

Next time you’re looking for excuses as to why your team failed this season, take a look at the Green Bay Packers, a team that made the playoffs despite having the most games lost to injury. More

The New Star Quarterbacks Who Will Rule the NFL’s Future

Posted on 1 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

We’re going to see Tom Brady and Peyton Manning once again in yet another postseason, but one of the more impressive facts is that six of the twelve quarterbacks in the 2012 NFL playoffs – Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder, Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson, are in their first or second year in the league. More

NFL Head Coaches Fired At the End of the Season

Posted on 1 Jan, 2013, by in Featured

Reaching a Super Bowl or past success means nothing in modern sports. What counts is today, or maximum the last couple of years. Andy Reid and Lovie Smith have been a long time in Philadelphia and Chicago, but haven’t been able to match their previous accomplishments. Same goes for Ken Whisenhunt and Norv Turner, while Romeo Crennel seemed to be in a doomed situation from the get go. More

Washington Redskins – Alfred Morris Carries, Robert Griffin III Follows

Posted on 31 Dec, 2012, by in NFL

It was always going to be the start of a new era once Robert Griffin began playing for the Washington Redskins, but I don’t think anyone thought it was going to be this good, so soon. Along with another rookie, Alfred Morris, the RG3 sensation has turned the Redskins fortunes around beyond recognition. More

Minnesota Vikings – Adrian Peterson Proves He is the MVP

Posted on 31 Dec, 2012, by in NFL

Great running back seasons are rare, as the NFL turns more and more into a quarterback league. Adrian Peterson, with the playoffs on the line, turned out one of the finest performances of his career, pulling the Minnesota Vikings on his powerful legs into the postseason, falling just short of the all-time record. More

2012 NFL Season – Playoffs Picture

Posted on 31 Dec, 2012, by in NFL

The playoffs are here, as the AFC finished its positional battles which left the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, while the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings got in on the final day of the regular season. More