Houston Texans – Matt Schaub Interceptions Killing Their Season

Matt Schaub

The Houston Texans are giving up 27.8 points per game this season, or 139 through their first five games. Matt Schaub’s part in all of this? He is responsible for the four consecutive pick-six games, while other interceptions (he has turned the ball over nine times this season) have yielded 17 points for opponents.

In week 1, the Texans beat the San Diego Chargers 31-28, although Schaub did throw one interception to Cam Thomas, returning it to the Texans 14. Philip Rivers threw a touchdown pass on the very next play.

In week 2, the Texans won again, 30-24 in overtime against the Tennessee Titans. Schaub threw two interceptions in this one. One of them was returned directly for a touchdown, and the other, returned by Bernard Pollard back to the Texans 23 resulted in a field goal.

In week 3, the losses began, as the Texans were defeated 30-9 by the Baltimore Ravens. He threw only one interception in that one, returned for a touchdown by Daryl Smith.

Then came the infamous Seattle Seahawks game, as the Texans dropped a big lead before losing in overtime. This is the game that might have broken their season, and Schaub’s confidence in making plays. He threw an interception in the fourth quarter that was returned for a touchdown by Richard Sherman, sending the game to overtime.

Against the San Francisco 49ers it was a disaster from start to bottom. Schaub threw three interceptions, with Tramine Brock returning one of them for a touchdown. Brock had another interception which led to the Niners to the Texans 32, giving them a touchdown by Anthony Dixon on a two-yard run.

Schaub is directly involved with 32% of the points the Texans gave up this season. It’s impossible to say how T.J. Yates would have done instead of him in that situation, but it’s getting closer and closer to the day the Texans try and find out how is it going to look like without Schaub behind center.