Houston Texans – The Weird Matt Schaub Story

It’s hard to say what’s the weirder story right now: Matt Schaub turning into one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL, or the difference in versions between NFL security and the Houston city police regarding Houston Texans fans coming to his house and confronting him about his lousy play recently.

Schaub is in a good system, and a quarterback who has taken the Texans to the playoffs for the last couple of years. Unlike other high paid quarterbacks who have seen their offensive line fall apart over the last few years like Matt Ryan, Ben Roethilsberger and Eli Manning, Schaub is playing behind a good offensive line, and has a strong defense that helps take the pressure off of him. As already known, not including Schaub’s turnovers and pick-six streak, the Texans would be a top 4-5 defense in the NFL in almost every category.

Matt Schaub

It can’t be all on Schaub. Kubiak is also to blame with his play calling at times, but it seems that the book on Schaub, like on many other quarterbacks, says that he doesn’t handle big pass rushes well. The problem with Schaub is how he reacts to that pressure. It seems that defenses have done a good job in learning where he throws to when trying to avoid the sack, and that mistake is constantly on the repeat. It has to do with tendencies and not being able to provide a decent enough pump fake to throw the defense off balance. It’s also about confidence, which Schaub doesn’t seem to have at the moment.

And then there’s the very weird case of fans coming to house. Schaub didn’t call the police at first. He didn’t acknowledge anyone approaching him at his house, but the Houton police department has opened an investigation regarding two cases of trespassing. Schaub hinted at people going by his house and taking pictures, but the initial publication discussed Schaub being confronted by fans who came to his house.

J.J. Watt has said that it’s nothing new to him:¬†Sometimes they’ll sit outside the house.¬†Sometimes they’ll follow me home. Sometimes they’ll be waiting in the driveway. At dinner and at my house are the two times when I refuse autographs and pictures. I feel like that’s a reasonable thing for me.

The Texans, now 2-3, a couple of games behind the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South, are sticking with Schaub, is tied for second in the NFL with nine interceptions, and is 26th among NFL quarterbacks with a passer rating of 76.9. Despite all of that and the tough decision Gary Kubiak has to make, he’s sticking with his starter, for now.