How Americanization Would Change European Football

It’s a very different outlook on how to run sport leagues – the American and European one, with Europe mostly focusing on football (or soccer), while in the United States and North America in general the major sports league are founded on the same idea of parity (except baseball), salary cap limits and branding, at least in a certain way.

We already have American owners in Europe over some major clubs – Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, AS Roma. While there’s no Yankee invation, there’s probably more to come as more and more foreign, usually Asian money, coming in to England, Italy and Spain.

While some clubs pretty much stay the same as their brand name is simply too good and strong to mess with, we’re seeing attempts at some of the smaller clubs like Hull City and Cardiff for massive changes in uniform, logo and even the name by the new owners, with fans not really in love with the idea.

So how would an “Americanized” European football league look like? This pretty cool infograhpic, without too many stats, simply great visuals and some very creative ideas to give some huge, famous and historic names a new look and nickname.

European World Series Cup of Soccer

Via & bwin