How is Edin Dzeko not a Starter

Manchester City grabbed a deserved win at Craven Cottage against Fulham after trailing 1-0 but evetually earning the 3 points after another important cameo appearence from Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko.

Dzeko started only once for Manchester City this season, scoring a goal against QPR. His goals per minutes record might be the best in the Premier League, scoring his third of the season. Roberto Mancini prefers Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero and even Mario Balotelli, who hasn’t scored once, at least on this day, to Dzeko.

A player who is probably the best penalty box presence in the Premier League, for some reason, is being left out for Tevez. Aguero scored the biggest goal in the club’s history, and scored 24 goals last season. It’s hard to argue against his inclusions in the lineup, even when he’s still not completely back from his knee inury, sustained on the first day of the season. Tevez? Hard worker and does more with the ball outside the box, but there was no need for it, or any benefit for it, against a Fulham side that didn’t do much besides poach a penalty that never actually happened in the opening minutes of the match.

Having deep pockets usually mean a deep squad. There are very few teams around Europe that wouldn’t start Dzeko as their striker, no matter the tactics. Mancini, for some reason infatuated with the combination of Tevez and Aguero that hasn’t been clicking going back into the previous season, has the luxury of using a €40 million man off his bench with 5 minutes left in the match. Luckily for him, that Bosnian forward is currently sharp and focused as much as anyone in Europe, and so far doesn’t mind excelling at his trade coming off the bench.

In a few months? If the current trend continues, in which Dzeko keeps scoring goals, in Europe and the Premier League, but doesn’t get a spot in the lineup, the transfer rumors about him looking to find himself a new club in January will rise back up again.

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