How is That Not a Goal?

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Everyone remembers Frank Lampard and England getting screwed in the 2010 World Cup against Germany because the ref and his assistants didn’t see the ball cross the line, while Germany’s keeper was quick enough to react and push the ball back into the pitch after it bounced inside his goal, making it look like it never crossed the line despite 99% of the people at home and in the stadium clearly seeing it DID cross.

FIFA are beginning testing, finally, the goal line technology that will perhaps be features in a soccer match near you, hopefully, in the near future. Meanwhile, we’ll continue having referees relying only on their (sometimes) impaired vision. Like this guy in a Costa Rica league match between Alajuelense and Limon. That ball didn’t just cross the line, it hit the back of the goal and bounce back out of it. No goal. Incredible. Alajuelense, the team getting f%^$ed over in this case, lost the match 1-0.