How Kobe Bryant Reacts to Technical Fouls

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It seemed that despite their 102-93 win last night over conference toppers San Antonio Spurs, not too many good things happened for the Lakers. At least non the lingered on after it. Andrew Bynum went down, as he usually does just as the playoffs are about to begin. Kobe Bryant scored 27 points but also got his 15th technical foul this season. I didn’t really understand what for, but refereeing has become kind of an impressionist art these days in the NBA – everyone sees what they want and call things we don’t understand.

The funnier part of the video comes around the 0:30 mark, as Kobe gets pissed on the bench and swears “silently”. Luckily we’re all lip readers and understand he said “f&^$#’ing f^&”. I wonder if Dictator Stern will do anything about it, like give him some fine or suspension. I also though it was funny that Steve Kerr said that children are watching and they should take the camera off fuming Kobe.