Hot Girls Get Naked to Help Hutnik Krakow

Nothing new Рgirls get naked to raise money. Happens every day, from strip clubs to PETA affairs. But a fifth division soccer club in Poland? Hutnik Nowa Huta, formerly Hutnik Krakow, got the ladies, all genuine fans and 100 per cent beautiful with their kit on of off, to undress, from cash and future success.

Some info on the club? Around since 1950, a stadium with a 6500 capacity. The club even managed some European qualification in the mid 90’s, finishing third and reaching the UEFA Cup, now the Europa League. Hard times followed,¬†bankruptcy, you know the drill.

The club was re-formed in 2010 as Hutnik Nowa Huta, and needs cash to improve its facilities. Girls getting naked, guys and fans buying calendars, that’s the way to do it. Great Success? hopefully. You be the judge.

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