I Hate the Copa America

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This is a personal view. This isn’t what the whole team here at sportige.com thinks. Still, I should go ahead and say it – This Copa America, with Brazil and Argentina or without them, is a terrible tournament. They Copa America usually is, but this time it’s worse than ever. Any illusion of Latin football being creative, full of fantasists, dribblers and attack minded head coaches just goes out the window every time I watch a game.

The only teams to actually put on a show are/were Venezuela, Peru and Chile. But even when they are playing and scoring, the level of play isn’t high. Where’s the World Cup? Where’s the Euro, the 2008 Euro, which was probably the best soccer tournament I have ever seen?

It’s always nice when an underdog wins, but having no favorites, no juggernaut team at all, the two teams that can (but didn’t) produce soccer worthwhile watching at obscure hours across the Atlantic are gone. They played terribly, but it’s not that Uruguay or Paraguay were out of this world. They just defended very well and had a bit of luck (or more than a bit of…) during the penalty shootouts. No flair, no great skills (except for Luis Suarez during certain moments). Just trying to take out Messi and watch the entire Argentinian side helplessly fail to do something without their magic no. 10, who wasn’t so magic after all.

The integration of European fundamentals into South American soccer have killed the dream, the legend, the myth. There’s nothing different between Brazil and a typical Italian squad. Long Balls, but without big and effective strikers. Argentina look and remind me of England – A team full of belief and aspirations, but never fulfilling them, each failure looking more glorious and tragic than the one before. And they’re still certain they’re among the best in the world.

No new gospel, and not even what highly touted youngster living up to the enormous price tags linked to his name – Neymar, Javier Pastore on top of that list. I wouldn’t even pay 20 million for them from the way they looked in their shortened Copa.

There was a huge FourFourTwo article on how the Brazilian national team and Brazilian football as a whole are slumping, citing numerous reasons for the fact that the selecao are no where near the top of the charts or contenders these days. No wonder they haven’t made it to a World Cup Semi Final since 2002. No imagination, head coaches too scared to attempt anything that isn’t predictable. The development of wingers, while creative midfielders and potent strikers seem like a thing of the past.

Brazil, Argentina and South American football is in big trouble. Forget the fact that it’s behind the Europeans in terms of quality and success. It’s F&*^#ng boring to watch.