32 Incredible Alternative Jerseys for the 2014 World Cup

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Not everyone is happy with the official world cup jerseys each country has released heading into Brazil 2014, so some are taking it upon themselves to make some interesting alternative uniforms, many of them actually better than the original.

In this case, it’s someone who is mostly tired of having jerseys with only one dominant colour, and chose to make it a lot more about interesting and creative patters that we don’t usually see on football shirts.

The Brazil one is extremely different, the England one is creating quite a lot of stir and the Italy one drifts away from the traditional all-blue, incorporating elements and colours from the Italian flag into the jersey.

The two most successful re-designs in my opinion are those for Ghana and the United States. The Americans have been getting a lot of complaints for what Nike made them for the tournament, and it seems like this version, resembling the Captain America uniform, would have been a much better hit.

Black with a bit of color always works well, so the Ghana jerseys get the star with the flag colors on the front, and a faded black star on the back to make them the best of these re-imagined designs.

Source: Imgur