Indianapolis 500 Champion Dan Wheldon Dies From Las Vegas Crash

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Four Months after turning 33, Daniel Clive “Dan” Wheldon, a British Indycar driver and a two time Indianapolis 500 champions back in 2005 and the 2011 race less than six months ago, died today after a fiery wreck at the Season Finale in Las Vegas.

The crash happened just minutes after the race began, as two cars touched tires, resulting in a 15 car fiery crash. Wheldon’s car turned over as it went airborne, flying into the “Catch Fence”. Rescue Workers arrived pretty quickly to the car.

Wheldon was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Rumors of his fatal wounds soon arrived back to the racetrack, with the race cancelled and the drivers, hiding behind dark sunglasses to hide their tears, gave a five lap tribute to their suddenly gone colleague.

This is the first fatal accident at the Indycar circuit since Paul Dana was killed in practice back in 2006.