Andrew Luck is the Right Choice for the Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck? Or Maybe even Robert Griffin III, who impressed with his speed, which was already a known quality, during the combine, running the best time out of any of the quarterbacks at the 40? It’s a simple question of wanting to win now, or scrap the whole thing and build for the future, which shouldn’t take that long.

The quarterback is an overrated position, to some degree. Individually, it’s the most important position on a football team. But having a strong offensive line is probably just as important, maybe even more. The Colts can swing their mind regarding the Stanford graduate or sticking to the player who has made double digit winning seasons a thing of the norm for the franchise, but the pieces around are just as important.

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Win now? Sticking with Peyton Manning will create a huge shift in the win column, but it won’t get the Colts to the Super Bowl once again. We don’t even know just how Manning will return, and personally, I don’t think it’s worth finding out. The current team won’t win the Super Bowl anyway. It may be a risky statement to make in February, with the Super Bowl memories still fresh in our heads, but it sounds true enough.

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Going for Andrew Luck is a gamble as well, but Luck isn’t a risk in terms of prior injuries, and he’s a calculated risk. Luck looks like the real deal, which is hard to tell with quarterbacks, even star quarterbacks who made it big during College, and just looking at the Detroit Lions with Matthew Stafford after three seasons should push the Colts into going for the two time Heisman Trophy runner up.

Manning? There are plenty of teams in the league that’ll go for him, he’ll find a place and owner who’ll pay him plenty of money, without getting into media debates and insults between them. Tying Eli Manning for Super Bowl rings, incredible as that sounds, won’t be happening for Peyton in Indianapolis. The Colts need to rebuild, and take a shot at Luck as their future and present quarterback.