Irina Shayk – The Sexiest Christmas Video of All Time

While it might a discussion that last a lifetime, choosing the hottest WAG in the world, dating Cristiano Ronaldo and being a high-profile model herself makes Irina Shayk one of the most recognizable of footballing girlfriends, not to mention the sexiest of them. The little Christmas video that has surfaced only strengthens that point.

No need to explain what’s happening in this one – minimal clothing, Xmas music blasting in the background, and a lot of very cute dancing. I’m not sure how happy I would be if my girlfriend had a video like this one out and exposed to the world, but that’s life of dating a Sports Illustrated cover model; another reason for Cristiano Ronaldo to be angry about something.

Shayk and Ronaldo began dating over two years ago, probably meeting through their Armani campaigns. Besides appearing on pretty much every possible fashion cover in the world, she’s also the host of Russia’s newest Top Model television franchise Top Model po-russki.