Is PSG the Next Stop for David Beckham?

If you ask Zlatan Ibrahimovic, there’s no doubt in his mind where David Beckham should be playing after he finishes another season with the Los Angeles Galaxy. Yes, you guessed it, PSG. Ibrahimovic has been talking a lot lately about veteran players and diving into their business. Beckham is just the next one in line.

Beckham has one more match to play before the MLS season is over for him; The MLS Cup Final on December 1, playing at home against the Houston Dynamo, hoping to repeat their title from last season. It is rumored to be Beckham’s final match in the MLS, before he moves on to one final challenge.

The offers keep coming in. The A-League, already gotten Alessandro Del Piero and Emile Heskey this summer, will be going for another former star, and one that sells jerseys and posters like no other despite being 37.

QPR, with Harry Redknapp, or West Ham, with Sam Allardyce, are also very keen on acquiring the services of Beckham, who enjoyed his best MLS season in 2012, scoring 7 goals in 28 matches. There’s also some offers from the Brazilian league, which might even see him team up with his former Milan teammate, Clarence Seedorf, who has been playing for Botafogo. Maybe Ronaldinho at Atletico Mineiro?

There’s also the MLS still as an option, with Eric Cantona and the New York Cosmos waving a flag of peace, hoping the Beckham bites on the offer of a player/owner at the reemerging club.

For Zlatan, PSG and the French Ligue 1 is the only offer he thinks Beckham should consider: I am sure there will be many offers for him from clubs all over the world, but it is a very exciting project here in Paris and if he still wants more trophies then this is the right club for him to join. We can win the Champions League over the next two seasons with the team that is being built.

Don’t forget, Beckham is a financial entity. There’s a good chance that any decision he makes will involve a chance of making the most out of endorsments and sponsorships. This pushes a return to Europe way down the list, including returning to the Premier League. Sources say that Beckham is hoping to get a deal from one of the bigger clubs in Brazil, like Santos, involving a lucrative sponsorship. There has also been contact from China, Australia and Russia.

When Beckham says one last challenge, don’t automatically think it’s a footballing challenge. Squeezing money out of a dying football career is just as hard as playing on the pitch when you’re pushing 40.

Image: Source