It’s Hard Being Zlatan Ibrahimovic For Some Reason

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It’s hard being a genius. I’m sure it is I mean, being far from one. Being a soccer genius? Twice as tough. Being Zlatan Ibrahimovic? I don’t know why, be he seems to be struggling with being himself. How can you explain his knack from pressing that self destruct button?

A player who is on the verge of continuing his streak, incredible streak, currently standing at winning seven consecutive league titles with four different clubs in three different leagues. The title seems to be going AC Milan’s way this season, their first since 2003-2004, the year Zlatan began his personal title-chase, winning Ajax’s last league title. Seems like that certain point in time has some cosmic significance. Doc Brown would agree. Or it could just be an amazing coincidence.

I digress. Ibrahimovic’s return to Serie A this season was fantastic. He carried Milan on his back for the first half of the season, producing stuff like this. He has 14 goals and 11 assists in 27 league matches this season. After his Barcelona adventure, the style, the surrounding, everything seemed to fit Ibra like a glove again.

But then he goes and blows it all by saying something stupid like… I don’t know, but he got into some word exchange with the linesman, pulled out one from his Arsenal (which is quite rich in numerous languages, I’m sure) and got a second yellow card, his second consecutive red card. Milan did well without him in the derby that might be the title clincher. Pato and Seedorf stepped up again against Fiorentina yesterday. The Rossoneri will be OK for the rest of the season.

I don’t understand something about Zlatan. Doesn’t he want to be remembered as one of the greats? He’s got the talent. The head game, the passing , the technique, the control, the incredible ability to shoot with both feet from pretty much anywhere. His soccer brain is incredible. Has fantastic awareness. But then there’s that drifting off in big games, especially Champions League games. His legacy needs that kind of success. He can do it. He just needs to battle and beat his temper, which gets the best of him too many times. I have no doubt in my mind that he’s the best striker in the world. Half the time he plays like one. The problem is the other half. This season is almost over. But there’s the next one. Ibra isn’t getting younger (29). There won’t be a place for him in the legends book waiting forever.