J.J. Barea Tries to go Between the Legs of Hasheem Thabeet

One of the more interesting struggles in basketball and the NBA specifically is big vs small, and the contrasts of point guards and big men. A quite comical example of that was seen when J.J. Barea of the Minnesota Timberwolves found himself in a tight spot, so he tried to dribble his way through the legs of Hasheem Thabeet of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Did it work? Nope. Barea was stuck between Reggie Jackson and Thabeet in a tight double team situation. In the middle of the scarp, almost turning the ball over, he saw only one lane or tunnel to use in order to escape. Barea, barely 6’0, tried to make it through the legs of Thabeet, 7’3, only to be fouled by Jackson in one of the weirder scenes we’ve seen on an NBA court this season.

The Timberwolves stunned the Thunder with a 101-93 victory, Barea finished with 6 points on 23 minutes of playing time. Thabeet himself, in a season of finally establishing himself as a legitimate (yet fringe) player in the NBA, got six minutes on the floor.