Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Don’t Want Tim Tebow


Even if he’s released. That was what David Caldwell, the general manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars said when asked about the prospect of signing Tim Tebow. He’s not alone in that kind of wishful thinking, as plenty of Jags fans, the one who the team should care about, instead of those who are simply Tebow fans, are trying to make sure no mistake is being made.

That mistake being Tebow somehow becoming a part of their team. An excellent post by Gregg Yodel, that has nothing to do with the evenifhesreleased.com website started by Jaguars fans hoping that their pleas and the eyes of pretty much every current NFL scout doesn’t go unanswered, explains the situation pretty well.

Maybe without the huge support he has from a lot of people who don’t really care about football but love Tebow for his Christianity and other endeavors, Tebow would have found it easier to get a job in the NFL after being released from the New York Jets, who tried and tried but couldn’t get anyone to want Tebow in a trade. But he does have that support, and Forbes consider him, a quarterback with less than 15 NFL starts, the most influential athlete in America. It’s a career killer for him, just as much as his terrible throwing technique is.

So Jags fans just want to make sure that Caldwell and anyone else who has the authority to press the button in Jacksonville doesn’t make any mistakes and let Tebow-mania go to their heads. People are asking Obama to interfere. Radio spots and commercials are popping up, all in the interest of a player who might not want all this commotion, but is the face of it nonetheless.

Tim Tebow has shown he is nothing more than an average, at best, quarterback in the NFL. Last season he didn’t get a single start, and barely any snaps behind center. Jaguars fans don’t hate him, they just want to make sure he’s not part of their team in 2013 or anytime soon. Tebow’s presence alone, without even playing, can be quite harmful. If he hasn’t fixed that throw of his, it might be even worse.