Poland’s Euro 2012 Anthem – Koko Euro Spoko by Jarzebina

Jarzebina, a group of ladies aged between 32 to 82 got their song – Koko Euro Spoko, which loosely translates to Clucking Cool Euro, to be the one to represent Poland in this Euro 2012 campaign, which they also host.

Mostly playing on national traditions, stereotypes and cliche’s, the group, already nicknamed by some as ‘Folk-Singing Grannies’, wear traditional garb that has them resembling nuns. They showcased their winner of a song in a huge concert on Wedenesday infront of the Warsaw crowd.

Poland, the co-hosts, have been drawn into group A, along with Greece, Russia and the Czech Republic. The opening match of the tournament, on June 8, will be held in Warsaw when Poland host Greece. The final match will be played in the Ukraine on July 1.

The official song of the tournament is Endless Summer by Oceana.