JaVale McGee With an Impressive Volleyball Block

While the consistency and quality of JaVale McGee is always questioned, hence the low number of minutes he’s getting this season, there’s no doubt that he’s one for the spectacular both on offense and defense, delivering the block of the night around the NBA with an impressive swat of Anthony Tolliver’s attempted jump shot.

McGee played 17 minutes off the bench for the Denver Nuggets, beating the Atlanta Hawks 104-88 as they continue to look almost unbeatable at home (only 3 losses this season). McGee scored 9 points, added 4 rebounds and finished with a very impressive 5 blocks, averaging 2 per game this season despite playing less than 19 minutes a night.

The Nuggets improved to 39-22, which keeps them fifth in the Western Conference, 2.5 games behind Memphis for a chance to get home advantage in the playoffs, but five games ahead of the struggling Golden State Warriors.