Javier Hernandez is the Most Efficcient Goalscorer in the Premier League

Is being the top scorer in the league also means you are the best? Some prefer efficiency to amount when they measure these things, and when it comes to that, no one in the Premier League is better than Javier Hernandez, leading the league in 2012-2013 in the goals-per-minute ratio, followed by Romelu Lukaku of West Brom and Manchester United teammate Robin van Persie, who is also the league’ top scorer.

Chicharito is the only player in the Premier League (with at least 25% of the total playing time this season) to score a goal every less than 100 minutes, doing it every 95 minutes to be exact. In 22 appearances, he has started only nine times, and has still managed to score 10 goals in 953 minutes of football this season. For comparison, Wayne Rooney is 14th on this list with a total of 12 goals, but one every 168 minutes, and Shinji Kagawa, not used the right way according to Jurgen Klopp, has six goals, one every 219 minutes.

Minute-goal ratio

Romelu Lukaku might be the pleasant surprise of the season with his 17 goals (buoyed by his last-day hat trick against Manchester United), finishing second in scoring efficiency with a goal every 118 minutes, which might help him win a place at Chelsea next season. Another surprising name is Adam le Fonre, the only good thing about Reading’s disastrous season, scoring 12 goals in his first ever Premier League campaign, on every 126 minutes, fourth on the list.

Frank Lampard is the most efficient midfielder, scoring 15 league goals, one every 127 minutes. Gareth Bale, another non-striker quite high up on the list, has scored 21 league goals this season, a career best, which means one every 139 minutes. Edin Dzeko, the Super-Sub who floundered after an amazing start, finished the season with 14 league goals, one scored every 130 minutes. Luis Suarez, who some argue is the best striker in the Premier League, scored 23 league goals, one every 128 minutes.

And how about the worse? Fernando Torres is always a name easy to pick on. His 8 goals mean he scored one in each 322 minutes, still better than strikers like Bobby Zamora, Peter Crouch, Nikica Jelavic and Kenwyne Jones, who needed close to four complete matches to score a single goal this season.