Javier Hernandez Reduces Crime in Mexico

Some players don’t have to actually do stuff off the field to help the community. Javier Hernandez, aka Chicharito, playing for Manchester United these days and the biggest footballing sensation from Mexico in quite a while, makes things a bit safer in his home country simply by playing football.

According to Mexico City police, there’s a huge drop in reported incidents when Hernandez is playing, making it easier for them to crack down on the real scourge in present day Mexico – the drug gang wars, which claim the lives of over 10,000 people each year.

Another interesting aftershock of watching Chicharito play, and especially score, is the excitement he sends across the Atlantic among pregnant women. There aren’t any official statistics, but according to hospitals and Jorge Carlos Martinez, the chief of police in Mexico City, birth rates go up when Hernandez plays.

It seems even the criminals want to take time off to see our hero play. Also the birth rates go up.

Hernandez didn’t get much playing time during the first six weeks of the season, but since Alex Ferguson has decided to let go of anything tactical and simply focus on scoring goals, it’s been quite a fun ride for the 24 year old striker, so far scoring 9 goals in 16 matches (all competitions this season).