The Consistency of Zanetti and Inconsistency of Del Piero’s Hair Styles

Javier Zanetti has been playing for Inter since 1995. That’s 17 season, since the age of 21, arriving from Banfield. Despite everything that’s changed around him in the world of football, in the Serie A, in the club itself, one things remains consistent – Zanetti’s hairstyle. Unlike another dinosaur of the game, Alessandro Del Piero.

Del Piero has been around for pretty much the same time span, beginning his Juventus career in 1993, just before his 19th birthday. Nearly 20 years later, Del Piero has won every possible title with the club, including six Serie A titles (eight, depends on who you ask) and one Champions League title. Unlike Zanetti, Del Piero likes to change things. If not his club, than at least his hair.