Jeremy Lin, Brooklyn Nets, and the Depths of People Not Believing in This Team


While we’ve gone over the subject of how little people seem to think of the Brooklyn Nets despite their additions of Jeremy Lin and other players this offseason, a poll I happened to come across was an interesting reminder of how bad some fans think this team really is.

The poll on (a pretty nice site; actually network of sites) asked visitors to decide how soon the Nets will make the playoffs. Before moving on to the results, let’s just say that most don’t think the Nets are any good now, and don’t see some sort of process going on that will take them to better places.

This is the poll:


These are the results:


I didn’t major in anything that had to do with mathematics, but I’ll try and figure these numbers out. Just over a third of the voters believe the Nets won’t even make the playoffs within the next five seasons, while about a third voted “within five years”. Only 10% believe the Nets will be good enough to finish in the top 8 this season, while just over a fifth took the middle route, which is within the next three years. Personally, while I think the Nets will be much better than people believe they’ll be, I took the within three years. I think they’ll be much better setup for making the playoffs in 2017-2018 than this season. To summarize, 67.6% of people who votes on this poll think the Nets won’t make the playoffs within the next three years.

As we said a number of times, the Nets need to find out who they’re taking forward from this season. They know Lin is their point guard moving forward, but who are his wing men, both figuratively and literally. It’s hard to say about one player on the Nets, except for Brook Lopez who has already made the All-Star game and Lin, who I believe will make the AS game this season, that you can see them becoming a star, or something close to it, in the next 2-3 seasons. It’s still unclear if they’re building blocks or players Sean Marks needs to deal and replace.

But the Nets aren’t in tank mode. This isn’t the Philadelphia 76ers of the last 3 seasons, who deliberately added players they had no intention of keeping for more than one season, while throwing all of their hope and resources on the crapshoot that is the NBA draft. Yes, the Nets, finally with some picks they can use, hope to add talent through there, but they have a direction they want to go in. This isn’t the Sacramento Kings, who aren’t quite sure what to do with the roster they have. There was some considerable thought behind the players the Nets added this offseason. Hopefully for them, it’ll start showing before most people believe it will.

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