Jeremy Lin Knows How to Make Fun of Himself

The offseason is time for NBA stars to have some fun, and for Jeremy Lin it means making videos on his own Youtube channel, endorsing the star power of Steve Nash and James Harden in order to make a bit of fun of himself.

In the video titles ‘You’ve Changed Bro’ Lin takes a trip down a fake rise to stardom, and all the changes he’s been through: Not having enough time to practice on his Guitar Hero, expecting to get the guest bed and not the sofa and ditching his friends to work out with Steve Nash.

There’s also some dissing about his own defense (as Tony Parker burns him again) while James Harden doesn’t understand how come Jeremy Lin suddenly takes a layup using his left hand. Obviously, becoming an international star has changed him, but putting out a video like this probably means it hasn’t been by that much.

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