Joakim Noah Forced by NBA (David Stern) to Change Clothes

Big brother, which in this case is David Stern, or whoever the NBA dictator has watching players’ outfits these days, made another case for very weird decision making, forcing Joakim Noah, who wasn’t on the roster for the Chicago Bulls’ loss in Indiana against the Pacers, to change his clothes in the middle of the game.

The NBA, or someone, didn’t like the combination of skinny jeans, sweater and blazer Noah had while sitting out injured. Someone in the league office didn’t appreciate his choice of fashion for the night while sitting behind the Bulls’ bench and getting too much camera time. Team security walked him off the floor and into the locker room, where Noah spent some time before coming back to watch the game.

What was he wearing? A different set of pants (not skinny jeans), with a jacket above a polo-striped shirt. Yes, the sweater and pants were too offending in the opinion of the NBA. Glad to see they keep on dealing with the important stuff.