Jorge Enriquez (Chivas) Kicking Jorge Hernandez in the Head

Mexican Football can be a kick to the head, and take that anyway you like it. Jorge Enriquez of Chivas Guadalajara proved that painful imaginary saying to Jaguares player Jorge Hernandez in a recent match between the two teams in the 2012 Torneo Clausura.

One of the fine arts of the game is committing a foul, even a hard one, but making it look quite casual and getting away with it. I’m of course joking, and these subtle acts of violence that hide themselves from referees are a plague. Just ask anyone who gets to play Stoke City on any given weekend.

Chivas won the 2011 Apertura, but started the Clausura tournament with two losses, and Enriquez was the second player from the Guadalajara team to get sent off in the 1-3 defeat against Jaguares de Chiapas, a team that finished 18th in the Apertura.

There was nothing subtle about the way Enriquez kicked Hernandez on the top of his head. He had a chance to skip over the sliding player, but decided rather to give him a little souvenir from the match by sharply extending his boot to Hernandez’ scalp, quickly joining his friend in the locker room after a disgraceful act of on pitch violence.